October 13, 2018

What a doll! Perfect skin, beautiful eyes, and a head full of dark hair. I was in LOVE! So was her brother if you can’t tell from the adoring looks and kisses that he had for her. You can see where this girl and her big brother get their stunning looks. Momma is gorgeous! This shoot took place right in their home, making it all the more relaxing. They were very gracious to let me bring my son and daughter with me to the shoot, which made it so much easier to schedule! Thanks for letting me capture this sweet girl!

February 17, 2018

Theo was an absolute dream! Soooo little and perfect and soooo GOOD!! We shot for 2 hours and he was sweet as pie the entire time. We discovered that he LOVES the heating pad and being snuggled. What a sweetheart!

April 9, 2017

Mason’s Newborn photos had to be continually postponed due to illness in my family (don’t want to share bugs with sweet babies!) So his newborn session actually took place when he was about 6 weeks old 🙂 We did them in his home as a lifestyle session with some added poses. It turned out to be perfect, and big brother was wonderful to work with. Just look at these handsome boys!

September 14, 2016

What a sweetheart! Cayden is beautiful! Born with thick, black hair and handsome brown skin, you could just eat this kid right up! I love Rachel and Andy. They waited for years for this sweet boy to come into their lives. They know first hand the pain of waiting and the sweet victory you get in finally finding you are pregnant. They truly appreciate the magnitude of the gift that was given in Cayden. I was so happy to be the one to capture the joy of this moment with both sets of grandparents, who clearly adore their grandson.








September 13, 2015

This little princess was born earlier in July. I got to go to her house to take her portraits a couple of weeks later. Her cute mommy had ordered some great props and was super patient as I invaded her home for a few hours. Her daddy even brought me food from Wendy’s! Billy and Amy have been my friends for years. They have referred more customers to me than anyone else and have increased my business as well as allowing me to continue to take portraits of their family. I look forward to many more sessions in the future!







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